Lahore Sky Live

Welcome to our groundbreaking initiative in the real estate industry of Pakistan! Join us for a live stream of the construction progress of our prestigious high-rise project Lahore SKY on Main Ferozpur Road, Lahore. We are excited to offer our existing and potential clients an unprecedented level of transparency and engagement by providing 24/7 access to the construction site.

At OZ Developers, we believe in fostering trust and keeping our clients informed every step of the way. With this live stream, you can witness the transformation of our high-rise from its foundation to its final touches. Explore the meticulous craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and stunning architectural design that sets our project apart.


Future Milestone

Groundbreaking Ceremony (Day 1): The official start of construction is celebrated with a groundbreaking ceremony attended by esteemed project stakeholders and community members.

Shoring Process: Lahore Sky’s construction marches on! The shoring systems guarantee worker safety and lay a solid foundation, while innovative techniques pave the way for its steady, secure rise. Stay tuned for further progress updates!

Foundation Pour (Month 5-6): After the initiation of the project, the concrete will be poured for a robust building foundation.

Excavation Work: Pre-excavation work will ensure the preparation of the construction site for further development.

Raft and Frame Layout: Once the excavation is done, the raft foundation and structural framework will be worked on guaranteeing the solid integrity of the building.

Retaining Walls: For the basement levels, retaining walls will be constructed to provide support.

Basement Slab: The basement will be constructed into 3 levels and the slab installation will be conducted from the lowest level (B1) towards the 2nd level and then the 3rd.

Foundation Pour: The beginning of vertical construction will be signaled as concrete is poured for the building’s foundation.

Topping Out / Gray Structure (Month 30-35): Soon, the building will ascend to its full height, culminating in a topping-out ceremony where the final piece of the structural puzzle will be locked into place. Each floor will rise sequentially, taking approximately 6-7 weeks each.

A towering crane will soon stand guard over the construction site, expediting the process and guaranteeing adherence to the timeline for an on-time project delivery.

In-Progress Milestone

Ground and 1st floors are completed, with construction progress continuing on the higher floors, and The Gray Structure is expected to be completed in 30 – 35 months.

Exterior Completion (Month 35-40): The exterior walls, windows, and roofing will be completed, protecting the building’s interior from the elements.

Interior Fit-Out Initiation (Month 20-45): Interior construction work will begin, including the installation of utilities, partitions, and HVAC systems.

Final Inspection and Code Compliance (Month 45-46): The building will undergo a thorough inspection to ensure it meets all safety and code requirements.

Occupancy Permit Granted (Month 46-48): The local authorities will issue an occupancy permit, allowing tenants to move in.

Tenant Move-In (Month 47-48): Tenants will start occupying the building’s residential or commercial spaces.

Project Completion and Handover (Month 48): The construction project will be officially completed, and ownership or management will be handed over to the relevant parties.

Post-Occupancy Evaluation (Month 48+): Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the building’s performance and any necessary adjustments will be made.

Lahore Sky

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