Lahore Sky, a name with a 6-Tower Community Living Experience Biggest IT and Technology Park in Lahore with innovation in the Real Estate industry originated in Lahore, Pakistan. A city where the landscape of investment prospects could be changed into visionary transformations. Under the visionary leadership of Hamza Majeed whose expertise navigates the company. We aim to set new benchmarks in the industry by delivering unmatched services to those who seek a comfortable abode. Lahore Sky isn’t just a company but it’s a philosophy that brings forth impressive architectural marvels.

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From the vibrant ground-level plaza to the terraces, private gardens, balconies

Lush rooftop work spaces, Lahore Sky offers an array of amenities

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Why Choose Us?

  • 24/7 Live Construction Updates: Now you can stay up to date via the 24/7 Live Construction streamed on our social media channels. For the first time in the history of Pakistan, OZ Developers brings this unique trend into the real estate world!
  • Transparency and Honesty: Transparency, honesty, and dedication are the pillars that make us shine in the real estate industry. Our clients value clear communication and a trustworthy experience.
  • Unmatched Quality: Over 100% client satisfaction rates over an extensive portfolio of delivered projects make Lahoresky synonymous with uncompromising quality construction for your dream home…
  • Forward Thinking Solutions: Lafhoresky will always be at the forefront of innovative living; our latest project shows proof that our smart and automated apartments bring this technology to all upcoming projects.
  • Expertise You Can Trust: A wealth of experience and creativite come…
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“Oz developers are succeeded to get confidence of end users through their development speed. But the main challenge for them is to increase this relation with the passage of time. Keep in mind dealers are with you until they get another project but the end user is always with you. Pls upgrade the confidence of end user through their good policy. Thanks and regards.”

Sadaqat ali

“As an overseas Pakistani I have already invested in few real estate projects in Pakistan, but Bahria Sky emerged as a unique project, they caught my attention due to their post development kickoff launch strategy and reasonable pricing. The project itself is very special in terms of building design and versatility of options.”

Muhammad Zahoor

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    The trends in real estate are consistently evolving every day and allowing investors to get the best deals in town. In Lahore, the opportunities are vast whether it is apartments,

    Lahore’s real estate market is expanding day by day giving you several options to invest in. But, the question remains the same, plots or apartments? This choice is a crucial

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