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Construction Fraud Issues

June 21,2024

Construction Fraud Issues in Lahore

Construction fraud is an alarming issue that has affected the real estate industry, undermining the trust of investors, buyers, and the public. Addressing construction fraud has become necessary in Lahore, Pakistan, where the demand for quality housing is ever-increasing. A renowned real estate developer will always steadfastly commit to transparency and quality in construction while … Read more

Biggest DFO at Lahore Sky Mall

June 20,2024

Biggest DFO in Lahore

There is no shopping like this is the biggest DFO at Lahore Sky Mall! Imagine a group of brands operating through which you have many options to purchase. This collection of retail stores at Lahore Sky is not just a bunch of stores; it’s a concentration of diverse brands and products, unique offers, and a … Read more

Best Investment Opportunities in Pakistan for Overseas Pakistanis

June 14,2024

Best Investment Opportunities in Pakistan for Overseas Pakistanis

Being in Pakistan and always eager to invest rather than increasing the chances of the best investment opportunities in Pakistan for overseas Pakistanis seemed to be a walk in the park. The factor of patriotism, combined with their wish for financial growth and stability, motivates many investors to look for investment opportunities that will bring … Read more

Asset Growth in Lahore

June 13,2024

Asset Growth in Lahore

Do you have enough investment to channel into an excellent return plan? If not, then keep reading! Real estate investment is important for asset growth, allowing investors to profit from tangible assets. Asset growth can be defined as the growth or expansion of the value of the assets over time. The overall performance of the … Read more

Top 8 Apartment Amenities

June 12,2024

Top 8 Apartment Amenities at Lahore Sky

To adapt to trendy lifestyles, the ease of life that apartment amenities offer cannot be underestimated. These are not just mere add-ons, but crucial aspects to improving people’s standard of living and defining their stay at their homes. While people look for more than just a shelter today, the notion of apartment amenities also shifted … Read more

What is Outlet Shopping?

June 11,2024

What is Outlet Shopping?

Lahore is a city with an excellent shopping trend extending to most social settings. With new places to explore and shopping locations emerging in the past years, outlet shopping has been a center of attention for savvy consumers. Outlet shopping at Lahore Sky has revolutionized how the audience perceives value for money and other related … Read more

Studio vs 1-Bedroom Apartments

June 06,2024

Studio VS 1-Bedroom Apartments

When choosing an apartment, the first main choice is selecting a studio or a 1-bedroom apartments while renting or purchasing an apartment. It is essential to draw distinctions between these two apartment types so that consumers can easily judge the suitability of these apartments with their existence, economic status, and wants. In this detailed post, … Read more

How to Buy Commercial Property in 2024

June 01,2024

How to Buy Commercial Property in 2024

Understanding the real estate market in Lahore, Pakistan can be a very complicated task. But, looking at the recent trends in the commercial property buying process can tell you a lot about the whole scenario. If you are investing in commercial real estate, such as shops, offices, and plots then it can be a financially … Read more

Trends in Real Estate

May 27,2024

Latest Trends in Real Estate

The trends in real estate are consistently evolving every day and allowing investors to get the best deals in town. In Lahore, the opportunities are vast whether it is apartments, penthouses, plots, or even commercial properties. Many projects are going on that are the latest trends in real estate and provide the maximum value as … Read more

May 25,2024


Afridi Joins Hands with OZ Developers, Embarking on a New Chapter of Innovation and Excellence Lahore — Friday, May 10, 2024: Today marks a significant milestone as OZ Developers (Private) Limited proudly announces Shahid Khan Afridi, the esteemed former captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, as their ambassador. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was formalized at a signing … Read more