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LahoreSky Privacy Policy

Welcome to LahoreSky’s (a project of OZ Developers Pvt. Ltd) website. We know that your personal information is of utmost value to you and our professionals assure you that protecting the integrity and privacy of your data is our highest priority. This privacy policy will shed light on how we obtain, make use of, disclose, and keep your personal information safe while you visit our website or communicate with us. We appreciate that you have taken your precious time to visit our website!

Data Collected by Us:

Once you are on LahoreSky’s website, you may be required to provide personal information such as name, email, address, phone number, and any other essential data. Contact forms on LahoreSky’s website will request you to voluntarily provide this information which will be kept confidential by all means. Some of the information (such as IP address, browser type, device information, etc.) is automatically collected while you are on our website.

Use of Information:

With the information you provide to LahoreSky, we ensure that you are updated regarding the services or any information you require from us. We also respond to queries (if any) and establish a source of communication with you through your contact details. Furthermore, your personal information helps us to enhance your experience on LahoreSky’s website and personalize it even more. All the information collected helps us to meticulously comply with legal obligations/regulations.

Information Regulation:

We will not share any of your personal information until and unless you express consent to do so. Some scenarios during which we will share information are as follows:

  • Services and information requested by you that require confirmation of your data.
  • Legal regulations are involved.
  • Third parties require data for research and analytics purposes. Note: Unidentified data will be shared which in no way will disclose your identity or place of residence.

Cookies and Other Data Collection Tech:

We may keep track of cookies and other aspects to obtain information that can help us improve. Data such as browsing history, preferences, website usage, user behavioral patterns on the website, and other similar data are essential for our professionals to make LahoreSky’s website a more pleasing (user-friendly) experience for you. Once you visit a website, cookies are generated in the form of small files stored on your device. These files help website owners recognize you (as a visitor) and offer a more personalized experience. You have total freedom to disable cookies on your device. Note: Disabling cookies will limit your accessibility to specific features on LahoreSky’s website.

Security and Integrity of Data:

Our security experts put great emphasis on the security protocols that protect your personal information from being accessed (use or disclosure) by an unauthorized source. While we strive to protect your information, it’s important to note that no system is foolproof. We do our best to ensure security, but we can’t guarantee absolute protection for your data. Your understanding is appreciated!

Connections to Third-Party Websites:

LahoreSky’s website may contain “links” that will redirect you to third-party websites that are not owned by us or do not fall under our authority. Before you submit any personal information on such websites, make sure to check the privacy policies and practices to ensure the safety of your data. We are not responsible for any misuse, disclosure, or regulation of data from third-party websites.

Changes to this Privacy Policy:

LahoreSky reserves the right to change, modify, or update this Privacy Policy at any given time. Any changes to this policy will be communicated to our audience on this page promptly. After the changes/modification of the Privacy Policy, your visit and time spent on the website will be accepted as proof of the changes applied.

Contact Us:

For any questions, queries, or information regarding this Privacy Policy/Practices, please contact us at

We appreciate you taking the time to read our Privacy Policy. Rest assured, we’re dedicated to keeping your information secured and ensuring you have the best experience while browsing our website. Thank you!