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May 09,2024

Things to Consider Before Buying a Shop in Malls

The Real Estate market is always growing over time! In Lahore, Pakistan you can invest in many options such as buying a shop in malls, apartments, plots, and even commercial properties. Before diving into the technical details of buying a shop in malls, it is always essential to keep in mind the factors that contribute … Read more


April 23,2024

How to Buy a Shop in 2024

With the increasing real estate market in Lahore, Pakistan buying a shop in 2024 can be a major challenge! Why? The demand is high and the number of reliable commercial locations is hard to find. You need extensive planning, market research, and strategic decision-making for buying a shop in 2024. In Lahore, a high-rise building … Read more

Best Benefits for Shoppers

February 19,2024

Best Benefits for Shoppers

Introduction Lahore Sky, a visionary high-rise project by OZ Developers, aims to redefine the luxury community living and shopping experience in Lahore, Pakistan. Lahore Sky is a 6-tower community living space with a shopping mall that spans 73 Kanals and introduces a vibrant and inclusive experience for residents and businesses. This high-rise project offers residents … Read more